Cityscapes Revisited

by Fortadelis

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Cityscapes EP was orignially released back in 2010 under the Creative Commons license on Jamendo platform, and since then became one of the most sought for lounge albums with 600k+ listens. It musically portrays urban scapes and their vibes which are interwoven witihin our daily motions. This brand new release extends and revisits original Cityscapes with remastered versions of five original tracks and five brand new tracks, making it an LP worth of 54 minutes of music submerged into lounge, chillout, funk, nujazz and triphop. Press play and enjoy the tour through urban scapes between the skyscrapers.

Urban areas, scapes and ambience s were always inspirational for me. This album works best when you're moving through the streets, driving the night drive, stepping on a rainy, empty street. At least, these were blurry images I had in mind. I find myself most comfortable inside the niche of electronic music, mainly because of vast array of virtual and physical devices that can produce sounds from digital information and electricity. I belive that musical ideas are like strings of fabric weaving audible textures. There are countless opportunities to express ideas in terms of rhythm, dynamics, harmony and melody and this process has always been my passion. The joy of creating something ne w that hasn't been heard before, coming directly from imagination makes it incomparable to any other activity. I believe that during this process some ascpects of our creativness and feelings were captured and that they are being released while our brains decode the musical information, making an opportunity to build and exlpore our own cityscapes.
Kind regards, Fortadelis

Released on Modular Grid Records Independent Net Label MDLG034


released May 11, 2015

Composed, Produced and Performed by Fortadelis




Fortadelis Zagreb, Croatia

I'm independent electronic music producer and composer from Zagreb. Being a huge synthesizer enthusiast I combine several genres, including synth-pop and other synthesizer driven influences, new age, nu-jazz, lounge and ambient. My music is suitable for relaxation and creative work. I've been present on free culture scene for quite some time with 15+ albums ,130K+ downloads and 2.9M+ listens. ... more

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